Sunday, September 4, 2011

Pork Siomai Tagalog – Pinoy Food Recipe

This is a homemade recipe. Pork Siomai is a Chinese food that we’ve been adapted by us. It is obviously one of the most common foods here in the Philippines. Everybody loves it. But when a buyer of this food doesn’t satisfy with the look, he or she will hesitate to buy it if it doesn’t look appealing. Sometimes a buyer would be hooked on the looks but when it comes to taste, the grade is failed. Therefore, the buyer will never come back to you, if you are trying to sell this.
But if you are just a happy eater of this Pinoy food, then you definitely try cooking it yourself. You’ll save some money and you will also have the option on how you want it to be. Here is the recipe for Pinoy food Pork Siomai. This Pinoy food recipe is for Filipinos all over the world. That’s why it is in Tagalog language.

Mga Sangkap:
• ½ kilo giniling na baboy, walang taba (gilingin ng 2 beses)
• ½ tasa ginadgad na singkamas
• 1 kutsara tinadtad na spring onions
• ½ kutsarita asin
• 1 itlog
• 2 kutsara toyo
• 2 kutsara gawgaw
• 1 tbsp. Msg (vetsin)
• 30-40 piraso siomai wrappers

Paraan ng Pagluluto:
1. Paghaluin ang lahat ng sangkap.
2. Balutin kada isang kutsara ang dami.
3. Pahiran ng langis ang steamer plate; ayusin ng hindi bababa sa 1 pulgada ang layo, upang hindi magkadikit-dikit kapag naluto.
4. Magpakulo ng tubig sa steamer bago ilagay ang steamer plae.
5. Pasingawan ng 30-45 minuto.
6. Ihain ng may toyo, ginisang bawang at sili at kalamansi.

Masarap di ba? That’s the end of the recipe. Go ahead and grab the ingredients that you need in the market and start trying it out yourself. If you want to subscribe and get updates on Pinoy Food 201, subscribe now. For more Pinoy food recipes, try these:
Recipe by: La Kusina
Photo by: Pinoy Recipe

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