Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Paella Pinoy Style Of Mart Lester Very Easy To Follow Video Tutorial

Hello Filipinos around the world! Our kababayan Mart Lester uploaded a 7:16 video presentation in YouTube on how to cook Paella. If you're looking on video tutorials on how to cook Paella, you may want to follow the instructions uploaded by Mart. The title of the video “Paella Pinoy Style”.

Even though he doesn't speak in the video, the cooking instructions and the ingredients needed in cooking the recipe is clear. Paella usually takes 20 to 30 minutes to prepare, but the presentation took only 7:16. Obviously to save time there were cuts.

The first thing that he did was heat the cooking oil in the Paellera. He put the garlic and then the onion. He then added the meats pork and chicken. Added some pepper. Stir it and then cover it for a while. Stir it again and then added chopped ham.

Cover it again until it boils a bit. Stir it again occasionally. He then added the atsuete or Annatto as coloring. He then added the seafood “Halaan” or clams. He covered it until it boils and then he added the seasoning mix, salt and then stir a bit. He then added the washed rice, green peas and the mushroom.

After that, he stirred the ingredients making sure that everything is mixed well in the Paellera. And then he added 1 cup of water and the shrimp on the top. After that he covers the Paellera and cooks it in low heat for 30 minutes. He then added the Saffron. Covered it for a while and then Paella Pinoy Style is done.

On the presentation of the dish, he added sliced boiled egg and calamansi and a leaf at the middle as garnish. His Paella looks nice, simple, and very easy and looks like it is very tasty. I’m going to try this recipe on my rest day. Thank you so much Mart Lester for sharing this awesome recipe. I like the video so much as well as the background music.

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