Friday, January 6, 2012

What To Drop First In The Cooking Pan? Pinakbet Recipe Of The Month

On the first Post January 2011's Pinoy Food Recipe "Pinakbet Recipe", I've mention the main ingredients that I use in cooking my own Pinakbet Recipe. On this post, I'm gonna share you how to cook or what to drop first in the cooking pan on my Pinakbet Recipe. The first thing that I always do in my Pinakbet recipe is to heat the cooking pan and heat up the oil. I think its the most common thing to do when you are cooking any sauteed food.

Pinoy food Pinakbet is always one of the best foods that I cook because Im a health concious guy. I love cooking healthy foods and Pinakbet is one of them because of the vegetables mixed as the main ingredients of the recipe. There are a lot of Pinakbet recipes around the internet and my recipe is just one of them. But I think my Pinakbet recipe is quite similar to anyone out there. And although anyone has their own way of cooking Pinakbet, I also have my own even if it's a prevailing one.

Going back to the question, what to drop first on my Pinakbet recipe? I'm sure you already know what's the answer. The most common ingredients in cooking almost anything Pinoy food in pan. These are garlic, onion and tomato. That's the first thing that I drop on the cooking pan for my Pinakbet recipe. You might wonder when, of course when the cooking oil has enough heat to cook the first few ingredients. If the cooking oil is not that heated, the garlic, onion and tomato might be sticked in the cooking oil and that will destroy the quality of the ingredients of my Pinakbet recipe.

Garlic, onion and tomato are the first thing that I drop in the cooking oil in my Pinakbet recipe. You might wonder why? It's because that is the way I've learned on cooking Sauteed Pinoy food recipes. I just copied it to my parents and relatives. Whenever they cook food even if it is not Pinakbet recipe, they alway drop garlic, onion and tomato as the first ingredient to cook in the cooking pan. Maybe a lot of Pinoy food lovers or Pinoy food cooks are doing the same thing that I always do in my Pinakbet recipe. And maybe some Pinoy food lovers, Pinoy food cooks or Filipino recipe lovers disagree with this process.

If you do disagree that the first thing to drop in the cooking pan is garlic, onion and tomato, you might be cooking the meat first, am I right? If that's the way you cook your Pinakbet recipe then it's ok. Just like what I've said earlier, everyone has their own way of cooking their Pinakbet recipe. And my way of cooking my Pinakbet is the most common way. There are a lot of ways in cooking Pinakbet recipe to enchance the taste of it. Pinoy food lovers and Filipino recipe cookers are always finding new ways to enhance the taste of Filipino or Pinoy food recipes. I remember back when I was having my training in a restaurant as part of the pre-employment requirements, I ate a very common food. But when I taste the Pinoy food I realized that the taste is unique and I was amazed. And that meal time, changes and heated up my passion on cooking Pinoy Food recipes.

That's how Pinoy food lovers, Pinoy cooks and Filipino recipe cookers enhance their simple product.

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