Friday, January 6, 2012

January 2011's Pinoy Food Recipe "Pinakbet Recipe"

New year have passed and I've watched the stat of Pinoy Food 201 how Pinoy food lovers rested on cooking foods. For this month I'll be writing articles about Pinakbet Recipe. How do I cook Pinakbet and discuss how other Pinoy food lover cook their own version of Pinakbet Recipe. Everybody have their own style of cooking Pinakbet recipe. And because Pinakbet recipe is that popular in the country, it's almost cooked everyday.

Low, mid and even the high class of Filipino families are always trying their best to budget their money for food. That's why Pinakbet will always be in their menu because you can cook Pinakbet with less money to spend. That's why Pinakbet recipe will always be in the recipe list of Filipino cooks, kitchen helpers or in the notes of each Filipino moms.

Cooking Pinakbet is simple. And even if I don't have a culinary background, I can write and share my own Pinakbet recipe to you guys. You might wondering what kind of cook I am. I don't have a culinary background and I didn't study in any cooking lessons. Im just a Filipino food lover and loves cooking Pinoy foods every day. But still Im no match to you guys who have degrees on cooking.

Pinakbet is one of the most frequent food that I cook. At first Im afraid to cook my Pinakbet because I don't have a Pinakbet recipe on hand. I don't know what to do. It has shrimp paste and I don't know when to add it. The first thing that I do on cooking my Pinakbet recipe is to wash and peel the vegetables. And as usual, slicing the garlic, onion and tomato into pieces will always be the first thing to do after washing all the vegetables on my Pinakbet recipe.

The next thing that I've done on my Pinakbet recipe is to slice the vegetables according to their size. Maybe bitesize all of them is the best size to have in your Pinakbet recipe. Then I heat the pan to start cooking my Pinakbet recipe. Add cooking oil and let it heat for a while. You might wondering why I didn't mention the ingredients that I use in cooking my Pinakbet recipe. It's because it is very common to us Pinoy food lovers. Anyway I'll share my own ingredients that I use in cooking my simples or most basic Pinakbet recipe. The ingredients are very easy to find. You can find my Pinakbet ingredients in any wet market in your place.

I use garlic, onions, shrimp paste, squash, slices of lean pork, tomato, salt, okra, sitaw, eggplant on my Pinakbet recipe. I believe I didn't miss an ingredient. That's all the ingredients that I use in cooking my Pinakbet recipe.

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