Saturday, January 7, 2012

Until when to drop the Meat On My Pinakbet Recipe

Pinakbet is the recipe of the month for January 2011. And I glady want to share my own Pinakbet recipe to you as part of being one of the persons who love Pinoy foods and have a passion on cooking Filipino recipes. I started got my passion on cooking Pinoy food recipes back when I'm about to get  a job in a restaurant. And that is when I taste a Pinoy Food meal that is given to staff during break time. The Filipino dish was common I think it has shrimp and i didn't expect something different on it. But when I taste it, it blows my mind off and said "this Filipino food is amazing!" The Filipino cooks here are the best!

The restaurant is located in Robinson's Metro East Pasig city and Im amazed that it's a Filipino restaurant and I'm proud to say that I'm a Filipino and I love cooking Filipino foods. Back to our topic in the question "Until when to drop the meat in my Pinakbet recipe? My answer is when the garlic, onion and tomatoes are half cooked. The main question on cooking my Pinakbet recipe is how to cook the onion and garlic with the tomatoes crushed. If you drop the garlic and onion first then add the tomato, it’ll take a long time to make to tomato crushed and my garlic and onion on my Pinakbet recipe will be over cooked.

The technique is simple. After dropping the garlic and onion, set them aside so that it won't be overcooked when you add the tomatoes. That's the trick that I do in cooking my Pinakbet recipe. I'm sure this technique is also common to Pinoy food lovers, Pinoy cooks and Filipino recipe cookers out there on cooking their favorite sauteed Pinoy foods. Althought the procedure is a little bit time consuming, it worth it because it'll maintain the good quality of garlic and onion in my Pinakbet recipe.

Have you ever eaten a Pinoy food dish or Pinakbet with blacked garlic or burnt onions? If yes then you should be aware that the taste is a little bit bitter because of the burnt garlic in the Pinakbet. That will make the over quality of the Filipino food or Pinakbet poor because of the burnt ingredients. That's why I set aside the ingredients first before when next ingredient will take long. This is to avoid burning the first ingredients and maintain the quality of my Pinakbet recipe.

When the tomatoes became soft and flaky that I can crush it using a cooking spoon, which would be the time to bring the garlic and tomato back into the cooking pan to continue cooking the next ingredient. And that will be the right time to drop the meat for my Pinakbet recipe. I use slices of lean meat of pork for my Pinakbet recipe. I don’t add the pork fats in my Pinakbet recipe because I don’t eat them. And it’ll be a waste of money and time to add them in my Pinakbet recipe. That is how I add the meat on my Pinakbet recipe. Maybe some Filipino food lovers, Pinoy food cooker, Pinoy cooks disagree with this kind of method of cooking my Pinakbet recipe. Or even just in the process of when to drop the meat in the Pinakbet recipe.

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