Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Banana-cue – Pinoy Food Recipe

I’m 100% sure that you have eaten this Pinoy food if you are living here in the Philippines. This one is the most common food in the Merienda time foods. Banana-cue is available almost anywhere. There are a lot of vendors selling this Pinoy food because it cost low and it is very easy to prepare. Below is the recipe for it.

about 15 pieces of banana saba type
bamboo bbq sticks
half a kilo of brown sugar
half a liter of cooking oil

Peel your bananas. Heat your deep frying pan with half a liter of oil. Once the oil becomes very very hot, put gently all your bananas (it depends on the size of your frying pan). Cook your bananas by mixing them constantly, after about three to five minutes add your brown sugar. It will melt and caramelize. Continue mixing gently the caramel and the bananas. If you wish a caramel well melted on your bananas, you can continue cooking this for about five more minutes. Or should you prefer a crunchy sugar coating on your bananas, you should immediately cut the fire. Take them off one by one and let the oil drip. Skew them on your bamboo sticks, approximately 3 bananas per stick.

Done it! That’s the end of the recipe. Subscribe for more. I have tried cooking Banana-cue before and this one is awesome. Try this Pinoy food recipe out or you can try those Pinoy food recipes below:
Recipe by: Filipino Food Store
Photo by: Market Manila

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