Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Filipino Style Seafood Paella

Let's start exploring paella recipes. Paella is a spanish rice dish from Valencian region. Filipinos love rice, that's why Paella became popular in the Philippines. Even though Paella isn't a mainstream dish here, it is prepared by Filipinos occasionally.

Seafood Paella is one of the best Paella dish that Filipinos love. Let's start exploring with Seafood Paella. The first Seafood Paella I found is from Pinoy Recipe.

The basic ingredients of this recipe are simple and can be easily found in any public market in your area. Seafoods like shrimp, blue crab and manila mussels are the main in this recipe. There's also fish fillet added in the recipe.

Other ingredients like onion, garlic, saffron flower, annatto powder and tomato paste makes it more delicious and tasty. If you love seafood, then this recipe is a must try. If you're not eating rice, then it is the best time to start eating. It's rich in carbohydrates which will be the main source of your energy to the whole day of activities.

Other recipe of Seafood Paella uses different kind of rice. In this recipe, you'll be able to cook it using just ordinary rice in the market. It's much better to go to the market in the morning so you'll be able to buy the freshest seafood as it is freshly delivered in. Seafood Paella Recipe.

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