Saturday, April 26, 2014

Kalderetang Kambing Recipe, Have You Tried It Before?

If talking about unusual meat, kambing or goat in English is something different for us Filipinos. There are many Filipinos who have tasted the meat but most of people here prefer to eat other meats instead. Some people never tasted goat's meat at all.

You're going to start liking kambing if you try this awesome recipe Kalderetang Kambing. The recipe is simple and it's like your just preparing an ordinary lunch dish for your family.

Here is the recipe: Kalderetang Kambing. As you can see the ingredients are simple. The procedure is simple too. There is also a video available for those who want to watch how to prepare it.

The serving for this recipe is 4. So it's really ideal for your family. If you're more than 4 then you can adjust the amount of ingredients so all can eat. Happy eating!

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