Friday, April 25, 2014

Delicious Beef Caldereta With Black Olives

Beef Caldereta is one of the favorite foods of Pinoys. Have you heard about the Beef Caldereta with black olives? If not, take a look at the recipe here: Beef Caldereta With Black Olives. It looks nice and delicious. If you want to try it, try the recipe and share the taste with us.

The recipe is simple. It's almost the same calderta recipe but what's interesting is the olive. Some of the ingredients used are beef, garlic, onions, potatoes, olive oil, liver spread, black olives, tomato sauce, green peas, etc.

The cooking procedure is very simple. Cook the vegetable and set aside, saute onion and garlic, saute beef, add water then cover for 30 minutes. Add tomato sause, liver spread until meat is soft. Add the remaining ingredients. It's simple, isn't it? For more detailed instructions about the recipe, read it.

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