Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Unique Beef Mechado Recipe

Happy New Year
It's a fresh new year again. Now it is 2014. Hope this 2014, we have a delicious blessings to come. Happy new year to everyone from Pinoy Food 201. Here's another great Pinoy food recipe about Mechado.

Beef Mechado
Beef is a great meat to use in Mechado. If you don't eat pork then this recipe is for you. We're going to use beef sirloin for this recipe. Sirloin is a nice part of meat. Soft and tender. So it's sure that you're going to enjoy this recipe.

unique beef mechado
unique beef mechado

Unusual ingredients used
There are unusual ingredients that we're going to use in this recipe. Some of them are ground cumin, ground cinnamon, curry seasoning and chili powder. We don't usually use these ingredients when we cook mechado, do we?

If you're craving to try this unique Mechado Recipe, here it is. Unique Beef Mechado Recipe.

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