Thursday, May 9, 2013

Popular Filipino Dishes Options To Prepare For Lunch

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Squash is a very healthy kind of vegetable. It is one of the most affordable yet nutritious foods for Filipinos. The green beans is a healthy vegetable that is always present when Filipinos cook squash. Most of the time we cook Adobong Sitaw with Squash, or Pakbet with Green Beans and Squash. If you're looking for the best food for lunch, try cooking something like this. If you you're looking for a recipe, try this. For a good recipe for Adobong Sitaw, try this.

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Grilled Chicken is one of the most favorite foods of Filipinos. If you pass by a mall, look at restaurants with specialties like the Mang Inasal, it is always full with people. Besides of being affordable, the Grilled Chicken is so delicious that your family will make them get another round of rice in the unlimited rice offered in the restaurant. If you want to try cooking this at home, take a look at this amazing recipe from Panlasang Pinoy, here. If you're looking for more recipes of this, Feast Asia have a great Bacolod style recipe that you must try, go here for the recipe.

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Bistek Pinoy or Beef Steak is also one of the most popular dish in the Philippines. It is also a good option for lunch if you're out of idea on what's for lunch. Aside of being nutritious, the taste will surely love by your family. Junior will surely ask for another scoop of rice if this is served for lunch. For the best recipe for this dish, try this.

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Sisig is now a dish that is super liked by Filipinos to be partnered with rice. Before it's just a Pulutan, but now it is a dish that is wished to be prepared by your kids for lunch. Try this for lunch and see how your lunch would be after cooking the best recipe for this dish. There are so many restaurants and food outlets there that sells Sisig, if you're on the go and thinking what's for lunch, you have it. Just go to the nearest food outlets or food courts and it's sure that you can have this for your lunch.

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