Saturday, March 17, 2012

Cook Burger Patty The Way You Want It

The basis of a hamburger is, of way, the ground beef from which you get on to the “patties.”

Inside preparing the patties, I be inflicted with tried all sorts of “add-ins” to mix with the beef - everything from dried onion soup mix, to eggs, to bacon fat, to grated cheese . The absolute preeminent to add is...Nothing by all! Why dilute with the intention of wholesome beefy taste?

When making your own hamburgers, start with 1 ¼ pounds of ground beef with 20% fat content. This will be sufficient pro four lofty patties.

Normally I pay money for a less significant fat content, but pro really tasty burgers, make the 20%.

(Using clean hands!) Divide the beef into four sections. Gently form all section into a around “patty” affect. It’s not de rigueur to tightly quantity the beef into affect. Inside detail, you must try to soubriquet the beef as little as doable.

Each patty must rate approximately ¾ inches thick and 4 ½ inches across.

Wrap the superfluous patties in plastic wrap and freeze them pro then week’s feast.

Before you start cooking the hamburgers, toast the graze feature of the rolls. (Untoasted rolls make moist very quickly.) Lay the rolls made known on a baking sheet with sides and deposit them under the broiler.

It will single take a minute or two, so don’t sort out whatever thing but stomach here with pot holder in your furnish, equipped to remove the rolls from the oven. (They energy from beautifully toasted to burnt in the blink of an eye. Then the smoke alarm goes rancid and ....You know the surplus!)

Preheat your fry pan (on medium- distinguished temperature) by putting a hardly any drops of water in the pan. By the calculate they be inflicted with evaporated, your pan will be sweltering.

Make guaranteed the fry pan you are using is generous sufficient to call your hamburgers lacking squishing them collectively.

Cook the hamburgers (on medium-high) on lone feature at that time flip them some time ago, and at that time cook them on the other feature.

Cooking era on all feature:

3 minutes support of Rare
4 minutes in support of MEDIUM
5 minutes in support of WELL DONE
If you aspire to get on to a cheeseburger, place a slice of cheese on the flip feature in this area 1 little previous to the burgers are made cooking. The heat from the hamburgers will melt the cheese.

Serve your hamburgers with sliced tomatoes, lettuce, a dollop of mayonnaise and approximately salt and pepper.

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