Sunday, January 8, 2012

Squash and Okra – The Next Ingredient After The Meat “My Pinakbet Recipe”

Why do you think squash and okra is the next ingredient to add in my Pinakbet recipe? Why not add the rest of the vegetables including okra and squash at the same time? What’s the logic behind this? I’ll explain briefly the procedures that we have gone through for this recipe of the month “Pinakbet recipe”. First peeling of the vegetables and preparing the spices that I use in my Pinakbet recipe. Then I started to heat up the oil in the cooking pan and sautéed the garlic, onions and tomatoes until it wilted. Then set aside it for a while to give way on cooking the meat. This is to prevent the first ingredients to be burned. Then add the spices that have been set aside for a while. The next procedure is to add the squash and okra.

If you are a Filipino food lover and love cooking Pinoy foods, I’m sure that you already know the logic behind adding okra and squash first before the rest of the vegetables. The logic is to cook all the vegetables according to their type so that all vegetables would be edible and all vegetables are cooked well. This procedure is almost applicable in any Pinoy foods that Filipino food lovers and Pinoy recipe cookers cook. It has something to do with the presentation of my “Pinakbet Recipe” If some vegetables are overcooked, then it would look unpleasant to my Pinoy food lover consumer. If all are cooked the right length of cooking time then there’ll be no problem on presenting my Pinakbet Food to my Pinoy food lover consumer.

A lot of Pinoy loves cooking vegetables. Sometimes they doesn’t care about how their vegetables be cooked. They just want to cook vegetables like this “Pinakbet recipe” the way they want it and the way they know what’s right. Well everyone has their own way of cooking and it really depends on the eater how they want to eat their food. I know a restaurant here in Ortigas where you can ask the chefs on how to cook your food because they have a theme “No borders cuisine” so even if you want to have something that is out of the menu but if it’s simple, they can give it to you.

And there are a lot of Pinoy customers who regularly visits this restaurant because of the excellent service that they provide to their Filipino customers. Not only Pinoy food lovers are coming back on this restaurant, but also foreigners who is working and living here in the Philippines. They love our Filipino food recipes and they love eating our Filipino foods. I was amazed when a foreigner asked me where he can found a restaurant that offers great Filipino foods. I told him that there are a lot of restaurants out there in Ortigas and in SM Megamall where he can find delicious Filipino dishes and Pinoy foods.
That makes me feel good to be a Filipino. I love cooking Filipino dishes and I love interacting with people who have a great passion on cooking Filipino recipes and Pinoy foods to share my cooking experience with them.

Back to my “Pinakbet Recipe”, that’s the reason why I cook the okra and squash first before cooking the rest of the vegetables. What’s the next topic on my Pinakbet recipe of the month? Subscribe for more updates.

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