Monday, January 16, 2012

"Pinakbet Recipe" My Precious Recipe! Share Yours Too

I noticed an increase on traffic on this Pinoy food blog when I’m writing about Pinakbet recipe. There’s a lot of post that I have posted about Pinakbet recipe and Pinakbet recipe is the topic of the month for this January, but I think the more traffic that I receive is from Filipino food recipe searchers around the world. Not only in the Philippines, but also worldwide Pinakbet is a recipe that is well known.

I don’t know if the searchers or Filipinos who is living or working abroad who are searching for the recipe of Pinakbet. This Philippine dish is very healthy because of the vegetables that are included in it. Squash is rich vitamins which makes our eyes in good working condition. So Squash should always be included on this Philippine dish so that it would be as good as it is.

If you have your own way of cooking this Philippine dish come and share it to us by leaving your message in the comment box below. You may include a link to your post where this Philippine dish is.

If you have your own way of cooking this Pinoy food, and wanted it to be featured on this blog email it to me and I’ll post it here in my blog to be exposed in Filipino food lovers around the world. The recipe of Pinakbet is so easy and it’ll take just a few moments to prepare it. But beware because this has fish paste. Those who are allergic in ingredients such as this one should be aware that it must be added to this Pinoy food or else the quality might suffer.

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