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Pinakbet Recipe by Dishes by Pehpot - Filipino Free Recipes

Pakbet or Pinakbet is a local dish that compose mainly of local vegetables. Some of the vegetables used in Pinakbet are squash, sigarilyas, string beans, sweet potato, tomato, bitter gourd and okra.

From my 29 years of food exposure, I have come to know two different kinds of Pinakbet. The other one I have known since I was a kid, been eating it for years. The other one I have known when I was in college.

The first Pinakbet is usually called Pakbet Ilokano. This is prepared by boiling the vegetable in fish sauce (Bagoong na Halubaybay). The vegetable used here are tomato, onion, sigarilyas, sweet potato, okra, patane, round bitter gourd and malunggay.

The second Pinakbet is cooked using shrimp paste. Saute garlic, onion and shrimp paste. But as the same, it also uses tomato. The vegetables used are squash, sigarilyas and string beans. Although some used egg plant and bitter gourd.

Now if you ask me what’s my favorite type, I would answer both. If I need to be on diet, I would have to take the best appetite suppressants to suppress my appetite for this kind of food. Native dishes and Filipino cuisines are the best.

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