Friday, January 13, 2012

Pinakbet Recipe by The Bubble Media - Filipino Free Recipes

I’ve been away with my mom for almost a month now, I am completely missing her especially her cook, care and unconditional love. My mom loves to go around the market and buy fresh meat, fish and vegetables whatever you serve her an ingredients, she knows what to do with them and turn out to be the best. I just don’t understand that when she cook it is so delicious, not because she’s my mom but, I have realized that whenever she cooks she do it with love.

My mom loves to cook lunch meals made of vegetables especially made of squash, eggplants and okras. That’s right, a Filipino dish called Pinakbet it my mom’s favorite and mine too  .  I totally miss her Pinakbet so decided to make one like hers. 7am, this morning I went to market with my sister-in-law to market for lunch meal to cook for my in-laws.

I have completed the Pinakbet ingredients and bought other vegetables for tomorrow meal. 10am, I started to prepare:

- cubes of squash

- rectangular sliced eggplants

- small pieces of pork meat into cubes

- chopped onion and garlic

- ginger and tomato

- salt and fish sauce

I saute in oil the onion, garlic and pork, add salt in a casserole  and waited until the meat is golden brown. Added the ginger and tomato, stirred them. Added water, squash, okras and eggplant and boil them. Then added 4 tablespoon of fish sauce.

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