Saturday, January 28, 2012

Filipino Dishes Combo Meals In St. Francis

Blogger Kee went to St. Francis Square to buy something. After he bought the item he went to a food store to eat something. He was amazed on what he have discovered.

Filipino dishes blogger Kee: (This is amazing! The foods here are so cheap. And it looks clean. Meat plus rice is 40 pesos, meat plus vegetable plus rice is 50 pesos, combo of 2 meat plus vegetables plus rice is 60 pesos. vegetable plus rice is 35 pesos, what a great offer! I'll go for that 40 pesos combo meal.)
Food vendor: What's your choice?
Filipino dishes blogger Kee: The 40 pesos combo meal.
Food vendor: Okay, what's your meat?
Filipino dishes blogger Kee: This one, Sinigang. Is this delicious?
Food Vendor: Of course! All of our products here are delicious and properly cooked.
Filipino dishes blogger Kee: Okay. Let me taste it myself. Can you give a banana, how much is it?
Food vendor: It's 10 pesos.
Filipino dishes blogger Kee: Here. Okay let me try these combo meal now. Wow! There's a lot of people eating here. This must be delicious!
Food vendor: Just what I said, all our meals here are delicious and well prepared.

Filipino dishes blogger Kee ate the combo meal. That meal time is awesome. In just fifty pesos, he became full and he keeps on coming back on that place to eat.


  1. you know what, you didn't even put any pictures of the food itself, but the way you describe it and organize the story as if it was the most delicious food in the world...

    even me myself wondering how could it have been that delicious... =]

  2. Well it's not that delicious but it's so cheap. You know for only 50 pesos, I'm not really sure how much it is in your place, you already have a full meal that would cover your 8 hours of work. Thanks!


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