Saturday, January 7, 2012

Argument on When to Drop the Meat In My Pinakbet Recipe

I cook my Pinakbet recipe the simplest way. And for this month, Pinakbet will be the recipe of the month. On my previous post “Until when to drop the Meat on My Pinakbet Recipe”, there is an argument that I found on cooking my Pinakbet recipe. “When to drop the meat that you use in your Pinakbet recipe” Some might say that you should add your meat before you add the sautéing ingredients garlic, onion and tomato or pre fry it first before you saute garlic, onion and tomato.

For my Pinakbet recipe I add the meat after sauteing garlic, onion and tomato because that’s the way I cook my Pinakbet. May that’ll absorb the taste of garlic, onion and tomato by the meat when I add them after the first 3 ingredients. And that is the main procedure that we always do in cooking Pinoy food recipes or Filipino foods. Some of the cooks that I’ve met said that the meat should be separated in cooking or should be cooked first before cooking the garlic, onion and tomato.

I think either way in cooking Pinakbet recipe is just ok. You may add the meat before or after you sauté garlic, onion and tomato. The difference would be the doness of the meat. If you fry the meat first in your Pinakbet recipe then it’ll be cooked well done or even over cooked in the end of cooking Pinakbet. But if you do add the meat after sautéing the first 3 ingredients, then it’ll be cooked done or just right in the end of the cooking your Pinakbet recipe.
But there are Filipino food lovers, Pinoy cooks, Pinoy Recipe cookers that want their meat to be separated all the way in the vegetables. And I think that will be a unique way of cooking Pinakbet recipe. In that case, the meat won’t absorb the taste of the vegetables and spices when it’s cooked separately in Pinakbet recipe. Or the meat might be taste less if done the wrong way. That would make the Pinakbet recipe worse.
The best thing to do for me is to add the meat in my Pinakbet recipe after sautéing the first 3 ingredients. In this way, the meat will be cooked nicely before adding the main vegetable ingredients in the Pinakbet recipe. A lot of Filipino food lovers, Pinoy cooks and Pinoy food cookers would agree with this method of cooking and adding a meat in the Pinakbet recipe. Maybe doing this in a wrong way will make the meat on their Pinakbet recipe hard or under cooked.
In monitoring the doneness of meat in cooking Pinakbet recipe, you know when to add the next ingredients to determine the right timing on cooking each ingredient. If you do cook your Pinakbet recipe and add the vegetables right after you add the meat, this will make your Pinakbet recipe undercooked. The meat might be undercooked and it’ll be hard to eat. Even if you have sliced them into bite size but if it’s undercooked, it won’t be appreciated.

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