Thursday, December 22, 2011

Korean Beef Stew By My Health Blog

In the business meetings I’ve attended, I’ve enjoyed the company of Ms. Marjorie. She cooks for the meetings… and she’s one of the investors and officers of the company I’m consulting with. One time she brought with her a nice hot pot of Korean beef stew short ribs. Reminded me of my very young age when we would eat out at a Korean food chain called “Kimchi”.

This recipe is not paleo diet. It’s got soy sauce and sesame seeds. Of course this isn’t raw paleo diet for sure. But it can be a nice addition to my children’s meals. And I can get better ingredients for healthier results.

Here is Ms. Marjorie’s text to me:

“I buy ribs (cut into 2 or 3 parts). Cut an incission or poke holes and sprinkle brown sugar. Marinate for 2 to 3 hours. After put minced garlic, chili powder, soy sauce and sesame oil. Marinate overnight.

Fry until golden brown, add water until all meat is covered. Bring to boil. Simmer until soft. Check for taste… along the way add soy sauce or sugar to taste. Add shiitake mushrooms, carrots, leeks. When ready to serve – add egg strips and sesame seeds.


First thing I will modify is I will be using raw honey because that’s what we got. I got fresh shiitake mushrooms this evening. I lack leeks.

I think I’ll marinate tonight and see it cooked tomorrow. No school tomorrow, signal #2. Good time to experiment with the kids.

Update: 10:30pm

I had finished putting cuts on the ribs and marinated them in raw honey as shown below.

I got the condiments and mixed them together:

1/2 cup fermented and brewed soy sauce
1 tablespoon sesame oil
1 tablespoon ground dried cayenne pepper
2 bulbs native Ilocos garlic
As shown below.

I tried tasting in my hand some honey and the mixed concoction above and yes, it tasted just like the Korean beef stew I know. Ha. Now I’m thinking of just making this sauce raw and served as a dip for the children to enjoy raw beef or raw liver… hmmm…

Before 12 mn I will be mixing in the condiment concoction with the beef ribs and put the entire thing in the refrigerator.

Tomorrow morning we cook this as stew.  Probably begin 7am.

P.S. As a note to how OPULENT this dish is:

The beef short ribs I bought at Farmers Market in Cubao this evening came from premium cattle auctioned in Batangas.  It cost 220 pesos per kilo.
The raw honey I used is farmed raw honey from Ilocos Norte – 1 bottle of that size cost around 250 pesos
The garlic is native garlic from Ilocos Norte – cost in Farmers market is 280 per pesos per kilo
The soy sauce is fermented and brewed. That big bottle cost around 200 pesos in the super market.
The dried and ground cayenne pepper I bought in Ifugao province cost 60 pesos
The premium sesame oil came from South Korea and cost 220 pesos.
Special plastic container for the beef, the sealable type
I don’t know where the sesame seeds came from or where the shiitake mushrooms came from… I just bought them in Farmers Market
These will be stored in a modern refrigerator that runs on electricity.
Tomorrow we will be using a stainless steel pot, imported stuff.
We will be stewing it with charcoal underneath, the charcoal came from Batangas at 250 pesos per sack
The charcoal stove is a cheap cement and reinforced bars design bought in our local wet markets
I’d just like to stress how ridiculously opulent this dish is.  How this kind of dish is only available in this modern 21st century global trade and modern transport.  And I haven’t mentioned the tools we take for granted like measuring cups and utensils.  Plus how I got this recipe by SMS text and verified the measurements of the condiments on my home personal computer with LED wide screen connected to the DSL internet and searched Google and viewed a couple of recipes written by other people around the world.

Opulent is the word.  We are spoiled opulent.  Makes me appreciate just eating beef simply raw by itself… and it turns out much much healthier, in fact curative.


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