Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Beef Mechado - Free Filipino Recipes by The Peach Kitchen

Two things that I love about Filipino dishes is that they taste hearty and delicious right when they’re freshly cooked…

…and they taste even better the next day when all the flavors had a chance to marry each other.

This is why I love leftover Menudo, Morcon, Caldereta and Adobo. The sauce and the meat become very tasty the next day.

What we used to do when cooking Mechado is to get a large chunk of beef and make an insertion in the middle to make way to a large strip of pork fat that will serve as a wick or “micha”. But since braising a large chuck of beef takes so much time, then we have  adapted into cooking just mechado with little chunks of meat. I think cooking with a smaller size of meat is better because then it gets to absorbs more flavor.

Today, I think I’ll be watching more crime/drama series, installing games into newly reformatted PCs and I’ll be playing with my daughter. These are the things that give flavor to my life.

Beef Mechado


500g beef sirloin, cut into chunks
6 tbsp oil
3 clove garlic, minced
2 white onions,chopped
3 tbsp calamansi juice
¼ cup soy sauce
2 cup tomato sauce
2 large potatoes, cubed
1 carrot, cut into fat strips
4 pcs bay leaf


Marinate beef cubes in soy sauce-calamansi mixture for 1-2 hours.
Fry potatoes in heated oil until the edges are a little brown and set aside
In a wok, heat around 2 tbsp cooking oil and sauté garlic and onions until onion become translucent.
Add beef and sear until a little brown
Pour in the beef marinade and the tomato sauce.
Add bayleaf
Simmer until beef is tender and the sauce is reduced into a thick gravy
Add potatoes and carrots
Simmer for a few minutes, season with salt and pepper to taste
Serve with rice or pandesal

Source: http://www.thepeachkitchen.com/2011/03/beef-mechado-filipino-beef-stew/

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