Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tenderloin Of Beef Stew By Free The Animal

I'd originally thought about doing a tenderloin soup, like this one. Then I thought: 'no'; a stew, and then thought about doing it a bit different. Let's begin with a tenderloin. All images can be clicked for bigger, higher quality.

Tenderloin of Beef
I like doing stews and other saucy dishes with tenderloins because they get really cut-it-with-a-fork tender quickly. Then we brown it in coconut oil and add the stock, which is home made from marrow bones. I also add the Massaman curry paste at this point, about two heaping tablespoons.

Brown, Stock & Curry
I cover and let that simmer a while to get juices going and the meat tenderizing. Then I add in a can of coconut milk, full fat. Actually, I think the pic below was taken when I'd only added half the can. I wanted to see how it tasted before doing the whole thing.

Add Coconut Milk
More cover & simmer. Once the meat is just about tender, in went four small carrots, 3/4 of a yellow onion, one medium potato, a handful of pine nuts and a handfull of green peas.

All Assembled and Time to Reduce
Be patient. While I simmered the meat covered for added heat, you don't want your veggies getting to be mush, and plus, you want to reduce the sauce to a nice stew thickness. I reduced by nearly half. Look at the bubbles. When you've got a lot of water, they're very...watery. As the sauce thickens you'll notice how the character of the bubbles begins to change, like mud bubbles. Here's another hint. When you're done, turn off the heat, cover, and let it sit for 30 minutes. Then reheat & serve. Here's two shots.

Tenderloin Stew
And a closeup, focussing in on a single carrot (to the left).

More Tenderloin Stew
Well I've got a few things to learn about the new camera, but I think this is a decent start and a definite boost in quality. What do you think? And remember, the images are all significantly better when you click on them.


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