Thursday, November 3, 2011

Nilaga Or Beef Stew Of Pinoy Food Org

During Sundays when the whole family is gathered together, this beef stew recipe is commonly served. It is usually prepared during the weekends when working parents have the leisure of time to spend in the kitchen. It may take quite a while to prepare but seeing the satisfied smiles of everyone makes it worth the effort. The warm soup is best during the rainy days too. It is a sure way to ease away the cold brought about by the rain.


1 kilo beef (sliced into 1 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ cubes)
1 head garlic (minced)
5 onions (diced)
1 small cabbage (quartered)
1 bundle Pechay (Bok choy) cut into 2 pieces
8 potatoes cut the same size as the beef
1 liter of water
10 corns of black pepper
3 tablespoons of cooking oil
4 tablespoons of patis (fish sauce)
Salt and pepper to taste

Heat the oil in a big casserole then sauté the onions and garlic.
Pour in the water and add the beef, patis and black pepper then bring to a boil. Let simmer until the beef is tender, usually takes about an hour.
Add the potatoes then continue cooking until the potato is tender when tested with a fork.
Add the pechay and cabbage. Avoid overcooking the vegetables.
Add salt and pepper for flavor.
In a bowl, serve while steaming hot. Best with plain white rice.

The beef can be substituted with pork and chicken for variety.

The smell of this cooking will have everyone anxious for dinner time to arrive. I hope you enjoy this Pinoy favorite recipe.


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