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Korean Beef Stew A La Kimchi By Easypeasy Pinoy Recipes

Now I know what you’re gonna say, Korean beef stew??? I thought this was a Pinoy cooking blog??? Just like Chinese food, Korean cuisine has been a part of our culture and has been satisfying our taste buds for, well I dunno…decades perhaps? Centuries? I am not sure, I’m not a historian. But I am very sure Filipinos who grew up in the 80′s or even the 70′s remember the fastfood joint in the basement of every SM Foodcourt called “Kimchi”.

I ♥ Kimchi! As a kid growing up in Manila, there’s nothing like (window) shopping with my Mother and then eating the Barbecue Beef combo at Kimchi. It consists of sweet and tender barbecued beef slices cooked right in front of you while you wait in line, a cup of white rice, a side of togue (mung bean sprouts) and a small bowl of soup. (or plain broth which I fondly called “salt soup” as a child because it tasted like salt dissolved in boiling water, LOL)

Of course I also had some Korean Beef Stew sometimes, but eventually, my Mom started to make the Korean Beef Stew a la Kimchi at home and I loved it everytime we had it. Unfortunately, she couldn’t give me the exact recipe for it since it’s been YEARS since she last made it. And it’s been at least 9 years since the last time I hit SM and ate at a Kimchi!

Fortunately, I found it here in one of my favorite cooking blogs:! So thank you Ms. Connie Veneracion for sharing this recipe and bringing me back to one of my favorite childhood food memories!


Spring Onions

1 kilo of stewing beef with bones (short ribs, neck or shank), cut into serving pieces
1 whole garlic
1 whole onion
a large piece of ginger (about the size of two thumbs side by side)
3-4 chili peppers
1 bay leaf
3/4 c. of dark soy sauce
3/4 c. of white sugar
12-15 stalks of sibuyas na mura (onion leaves)
1-2 tbsps. of sesame seeds
NOTE: I substituted red pepper flakes for the chili peppers and had to use chopped and not whole onions because I had some left over onions in the fridge. Also, I asked my husband to buy beef short ribs but came home with beef back ribs! It still turned out great though! :)

Toasted Sesame Seeds

Cooking Procedure:

Place the beef in a casserole. Cover with water. Place over high heat and, before the water starts to boil, remove the scum that floats on the surface. Add the whole garlic, onion, ginger, chili peppers and bay leaf. Pour in the soy sauce and stir in the sugar. Simmer gently for two hours or until the meat is very tender. If you’re using short ribs, the meat will be falling off the bones.

Halfway through the cooking, taste the broth and add salt. Do not be tempted to add more soy sauce instead of salt; otherwise, the broth will turn too dark.

While the beef simmers, toast the sesame seeds. Place them in a small frying pan and set over medium-low heat. Shake the pan often for even toasting.

Slice the onion leaves finely.

To assemble, place two to three pieces of beef in individual soup bowls. Ladle plenty of broth over them. Sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds and sliced onion leaves. Serve at once.


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