Saturday, November 19, 2011

Japanese Beef Stew Or Nikujaga By Tokyo Kawaii Etc

Nikujaga is a representative Japanese home cooking dish. It’s a sort of dish that makes us remember the taste of mom’s cooking. In other words, it’s one of the most popular dishes that girls want to master for her boyfriend.

Ingredients for 2-3 people
-thinly sliced beef (150g)
-potato (2 or 3)
-onion (1)
-carrot (1)
-soy sauce (tbs 3)
-sugar (tbs 2)
-cooking wine or cooking sake (tbs 2)
Prepare these ingredients.

Chop potatoes into chunks and immerse them in water.
Chop carrot and cut onions into wedges. Chop beef into bite-size.

Put 1 tbs of oil into the deep pan, heat it and put the beef inside.
Stir-fry it roughly and add soy sauce, sugar and sake.

Add potato, onion and carrot. Then turn down the heat to medium low with the lid over the pan.

Simmer it for 20-25 minutes, check inside from time to time.

It’s done when the soup is almost gone.

Ta-da~~!! ^__^

Usually most of Nikujaga recipes will say we need to add Dashi, but this way is easier, takes less time and tastes great. So why not? I have used Dashi for Nikujaga but my problem was I often made it taste less due to too much Dashi sometimes. That’s why I ended up simmering for a long time until the ingredients can absorb the Dashi and sugar/soy sauce taste well. This recipe was shared by Chika, and I quite liked it when I tried it. You can easily make Japanese dish like this at home.

Also, pork can be substitute for beef. Especially in east Japan, beef is quite expensive and some people prefer using pork instead. People from west Japan would think of beef when they hear Nikujaga because beef is frequently used and I guess not so expensive there. Since my father is originally from Osaka, it was definitely beef inside Nikujaga in my house. I never thought of pork Nikujaga as an option. Thus, I was so surprised to see pork Nikujaga served at my hubby’s parent house for the first time. He told me it had been always pork Nikujaga in his house when it comes to Nikujaga. Gradually I started to use pork now because he doesn’t like beef (I think it’s just that he is not used to) and now I like pork more than beef. ^ ^;


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